Welcome to the world of my web development expertise, where I transform ideas into digital realities.

I’m the founder of Pilui.com, and I’m excited to share the story of how I brought this unique e-commerce platform to life, with a special emphasis on Colombia.

Back in 2021, I had a vision of creating a one-of-a-kind marketplace dedicated to artisanal products, and that’s when Pilui.com was born. From the very beginning, I took on the challenge of building the entire e-commerce platform from the ground up.

Creating the platform was a monumental task, and I was personally involved in every step of the process. I carefully designed and developed the technology that powers Pilui.com, ensuring it could seamlessly connect customers with the exceptional craftsmanship found in Colombia.

Colombia, with its rich culture and heritage, was the perfect place to start. I wanted to shine a spotlight on the incredible artisanal products that the country has to offer. From handmade textiles to unique pottery and traditional artwork, Colombia’s artisans create treasures that deserved a global audience.

With Pilui.com, I aimed to provide a platform where Colombian artisans could showcase their talents and connect with a worldwide customer base that appreciates the beauty and authenticity of these handcrafted goods.

While I played a central role in building the platform, I’m not alone in this endeavor. Pilui.com thrives thanks to the collective efforts of a dedicated team of collaborators who share my passion for supporting Colombian artisans and promoting their work.

Our mission goes beyond just commerce. We’re committed to ethical and sustainable trade practices, ensuring that artisans are fairly compensated for their work and that our customers receive top-quality, responsibly sourced products that reflect the heart and soul of Colombia.

In 2021, I had the privilege of designing the original website for Chami Cacao. Fast forward to 2023, and with the brand’s exciting launch into the United States market, it became clear that their digital footprint required a sophisticated makeover. I took on this challenge with fervor, and the outcome has been immensely gratifying.

The revamped online presence I delivered is not just a redesign—it’s a comprehensive transformation into a dynamic, multicurrency e-commerce platform. What sets this platform apart is its intuitive user engagement; it automatically adjusts product prices based on the visitor’s location and seamlessly switches languages to provide a tailored browsing experience.

Moreover, I integrated a smart payment processing system that intelligently displays or hides certain payment options, ensuring that transactions are smooth and region-appropriate. Whether the orders originate from Colombia or the United States, the website caters specifically to each market without compromising functionality or user experience.

This project was not just about maintaining the website’s performance for the Colombian clientele but also about extending its capabilities to effectively serve American consumers. The dual-market functionality now positions Chami Cacao as a global player, offering a seamless shopping experience to a wider audience.

For Colombianapartments.com, the client initially had the concept of establishing a real estate marketplace. I played a pivotal role by contributing to brand design, offering insights into the business model, and effectively overseeing the development of a real estate marketplace based on that very business model. This journey involved not only creating a visually appealing web design but also consulting and managing the project to transform the concept into a fully functional and successful real estate platform.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Third Coast Therapy in the creation of their brand. This involved creating the logo and selecting brand colors. Following this, I designed and built a stunning, responsive website, resulting in an impressive 80% increase in the company’s lead generation.

Creating the website for High Point Engineering was a truly rewarding endeavor. Their previous website, dating back 15 years, was in serious need of an update, and witnessing their online transformation brought a sense of accomplishment. The new website now stands as a splendid online portfolio, enabling the client to elegantly showcase their projects.

Lake Shore Dental Inc., a dental company located in Glencoe, Illinois, had long operated in a traditional manner without establishing any online presence. With the introduction of our new website design focused on lead generation, we’ve not only given them a modern online presence but also opened up a new avenue for income through successful online lead conversions. This transformation has brought them into the digital age, offering expanded opportunities for growth and engagement with their audience.

My time at The Lead Studio proved to be a valuable experience that honed my skills in the multimedia field. As my tenure with the company drew to a close, I was given the privilege to contribute by designing their new website. This opportunity allowed me to apply and showcase my web design expertise, adding another layer to my diverse skill set and contributing to the enhancement of The Lead Studio’s online presence.


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